Retrofit without wiring: Thanks to the new XBEE interface of the Digalox® measuring instruments, data can now be transferred instantly and wirelessly.

XBEE remote display

Machine data is valuable and essential for manufacturing companies in order to secure quality, to increase performance in production, and to stay competitive.
Therefore good monitoring is of great importance to keep track of the numerous machine and process data, be it in a large production plant, a factory or a machinery.
Thanks to the new XBEE interface, the multifunctional instruments of the Digalox® series enable the following processes, among others:

  • analysis of manufacturing processes
  • optimization of machine running times
  • evaluation of machine downtimes
  • reporting machine failures
  • provision of data for the continuous improvement process

The 2.4 GHz radio interface enables the wireless transmission of all measured values and will instantly display the measured data from remote devices.
The mesh network offers a robust connection that ensures continued operation even in case of individual radio nodes failure.
The new device variants can be easily integrated into existing systems and, thanks to flexibly configurable parameters, can easily communicate with devices from other manufacturers. This makes it easier to modernize out-of-date systems, as these are particularly suitable for retrofitting.
The DPM72 devices with display and 2.4 GHz radio interface can both transmit the measured values and show a total of up to four parameters from remote devices on the display.
The multifunctional "Plus" measuring devices are used in particular in the area of remote monitoring of machine and operating data, as they are also available without a display as a DIN-rail-mountable version.
Once set up, the DPM72 transmits all measured values reliably and in real time - without any time-consuming wire installation.

 XBEE remote display

These models are available:
DPM72-MPP-XBEE, -MPPV-XBEE and -MPPA-XBEE are remote measuring devices for analogue signal 0/2 - 10 V and/or 0/4 - 20 mA, with or without display.
DPM72-MP+-XBEE and DPM72-MPN+-XBEE are remote measuring devices for Volt & Ampere, with or without display.
The measuring instruments can be attached to DIN rails as well as to other backgrounds through corresponding boreholes in the housing.
The devices are configured as usual using the free software "Digalox®-Manager".