Adapter for conveniently connecting a PC to the XBEE network for configuration or recording of measured data

  • Contains an XBEE3 radio module with an integrated antenna
  • For the connection of a PC to the XBEE mesh network
  • Needed for the configuration of the DPM72 XBEE models as well as the XBEE measuring units
  • Enables wireless recording ot data

Use with Digalox® Manager

The XBEE USB thumb drive enables the convenient configuration of the DPM72 measuring devices via the free software "Digalox® Manager".


Via the free software "Digalox® XBEE Poll" datalogging tasks can be implemented at times, such as on site using a laptop PC.

Administration and troubleshooting of the XBEE network

Using the USB thumb drive, the function, range, and signal quality of the XBEE-network can be examined as well as optimised.


Supply 5V DC ± 10 %
Power consumption max. 0.2 W
Operation temperature 0 °C to +50 °C
Storage temperature -20 °C to +70 °C
Product in the TDE shop DPM72-XBEE-STICK in the TDE shop